Babybel vs. Kinder Eggs – Babybel Wins!

28 Dec

An excellent piece (though with a flawed conclusion).

If you love chocolate, than you MUST also love cheese (vegans excluded). Therefore, you MUST follow: The Canadian Cheese Man

The Canada Cheese Man

I was shuffling through the refrigerator this morning when I noticed some Babybel. My children like these little cheeses and why not? They are the cheese world’s version of a Kinder Egg but with a tasty edible cheesy surprise inside.

For the benefit of my blog readers in the United States – I must digress for a minute. Kinder Eggs are sold all over the world EXCEPT the United States. That is because in 1983 the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibited embedding “non-nutritive items” in confections.

Here is a photo collage to illustrate the Kinder Egg.

The only problem with the Kinder Egg is that the cheap plastic toy inside only provides fun for about 5-10 minutes then it is relegated to the junk pile and ultimately disposed.

The marketing people at the Babybel Company have done a great job with the design of their cheese packaging…

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