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Dino (from the Flintstones)

Dino, Fred’s pet dinosaur from the Flintstones
Height: 5.2cm
K95 n 75

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Tom (from Tom & Jerry) Painting with Easel

Tom (from Tom & Jerry) painting

Tom the cat (from Tom & Jerry) with paintbrush and easel.
K99 n 82


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Wimpy (from Popeye) with Board and Watch

Wimpy with Board and Watch (1992)

Popeye’s Wimpy, holding a clipboard and stop watch.
Height: 4.5cm
K92 n 248

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Jerry (Tom & Jerry) Fishing

Jerry Fishing

Jerry (the mouse from Tom & Jerry) fishing and giving a peace sign (or Victory, as he caught a fish as large as himself… which is still pretty small, as he is a mouse).
Height: 4cm
K99 n 85


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Boo Boo Bear with Compass

Boo Boo Bear with Compass

Boo Boo Bear (from Yogi Bear) holding a compass. Note, the compass is French (Ouest).
Height: 4cm
K96 n 52

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Bugs Bunny Playing Tennis

Bugs Bunny Playing Tennis

Bugs Bunny playing tennis. Sorry, I lost his eye over time.
Height: 7cm
K92 n205


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Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales.
Height: 4.5cm
Speed: The fastest mouse in all of Mexico

For some Speedy fun:


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